Travis Crotty

Date of Birth May 25, 1993
Home Parish St. Columbkille
Varina, IA
High School Newell-Fonda Community School
Fonda, IA
University Conception Seminary College
Conception, MO
Seminary Conception Seminary College
Conception, MO
Year in Seminary 4th Year College
Anticipated date of
Priestly Ordination
June 2020

c/o Conception Seminary College
PO Box 502
Conception, MO 64433-0502

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Favorite Saint St. Anthony of Padua

Thoughts on Priesthood:

The priest's job, passion, life, and goal, is to aid in the salvation of the souls of everyone around him by means of offering Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. If our purpose in life is to serve God, I see no better way to do that then to help his children get to him. This why the priest is here and this is why the priest is so important in the Church. He brings Christ to the world.

Why I want to be a Priest:

I believe God has called me to the vocation of the priesthood. I want what God wants for me in my life, I want to be able to help others find Christ and eventually help them get to heaven.

Hobbies and Interests:

Disc golf, Running, Biking, Music, Food

Tell us about your family as you grew up and when you started thinking about being a priest:

I grew up in Varina Iowa with two younger brothers. I attended mass with my family every weekend and never missed a bedtime or meal time prayer. After my parent’s divorce I turned to the Lord for guidance in my life. I was told when I was younger I'd make a fine priest but strongly rejected the idea. I started strongly concerning the priesthood my sophomore year of high school after attending a Project Andrew meeting.

What inspires you about the priesthood?

The Heroism of being counter cultural as Christ was. The courage and strength shown by each and every priest who celebrates the mass. The Joy and happiness that priest radiate.

Who have been your hero's and what has been your influences?

Anyone who listens and answers God's call. The entire communion of saints who have given their lives for their faith. The Catholic Church around the world that strives to share the love of Christ with all.